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"The Reclining Buddha" ~ Wat Po, Bangkok

Did you know the world famous temple Wat Pho predates Bangkok? When King Rama I moved the capital city across the river from Thonburi to its present location on the north bank, he built his palace next to Wat Photharam. Now universally known as Wat Pho, the temple houses the Reclining Buddha and hundreds of smaller Buddha statues brought from across Thailand by subsequent Thai Kings.

We have added some gorgeous photographs to Lightspell Gallery - Wat Pho, Bangkok.


Bhumibol Bridge I

There's something special about the hour before dawn. Bangkok's streets are quiet. The air is still. The light of dawn emerges gradually. Orange, red, mauve, blue, and purple replace a black night sky. The light leads. The birds follow. At first, a solitary chirp can be heard. Not long after, a growing chorus. Sunrise breaks over the Chao Phraya spilling vivid red and orange across the water. To the east of the city, the Bhumibol Bridge spans the river in two bold strides; a pair of linked bridges that commemorate King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great. See more at our Bhumibol Bridge at Dawn gallery.


Chedi Sunset at Wat Arun

For a few days in the second week of January there was a clear evening sky and the sun set in the perfect position over Wat Arun. While translated correctly as "The Temple of Dawn" the sunset behind Wat Arun is an iconic image of Bangkok. Even better, we have captured the colors of dusk as the sun set and with it the sky turning from a hot orange through red and purple and blue to a star lit black. See more at our Wat Arun gallery.



Since I specialize in Buddhist and Thai imagery I thought a beautiful print from San Lak Mueang would be a good way to start the year. It is tradition that Thai people pay respect and pray for good fortune for the forthcoming year at the City Pillar Shrine. I was there yesterday, 4th January, and it was very crowded. Fortunately it was much quieter a few weeks ago when I visited for photography.

James Patrick

"Six Buddha Meditation" was taken at San Lak Muang, a shrine that contains Bangkok's original acacia wood City Pillar. In Thai language the wood is known as "chaiyapreuk," tree of victory. It was put in place on 21 April 1782 by King Rama I to establish Bangkok as the capital city of Thailand, and the beginning of the Chakri Dynasty.

The "Six Buddha Meditation" print is available in a range of sizes as a bright Lumachrome print front mounted under TruLife acrylic glass to give the color and detail interesting depth. Every print is signed by James Patrick.



"Promayarn Buddha"

New Promayarn Buddha, Wat Saket, Bangkok.


We are delighted with the new Buddhist imagery which has come out as well as we could have possibly wished.

"Bejewelled Buddha", Wat Saket, is another outstanding image of Lord Buddha. Kept on the upper floor of the Golden Mount which overlooks the old city of Bangkok, Rattakosin island.

Golden Buddha Phutthamonthon is one of the most elegant statues of Buddha and a personal favourite of mine. The park that surrounds the statue is a remarkable space of tranquility and peace, and a testament to foresight.


Samatha ~ Tranquility, Wat Paknam
"Samatha ~ Tranquility"

Samatha ~ Tranquility shows Bangkok's largest Buddha against a brilliant blue sky. If you are ever in Bangkok, Wat Paknam is well worth a visit.