Unique & Limited Editions

"Daybreak at Wat Arun"

LIGHTSPELL FINE ART PRINTS are big, beautiful, gallery quality framed works of art that will enhance and uplift any room. All of our artwork is available as a Lightspell Unique Edition print or as a Limited Edition Print. Both Editions are available until one or the other sells. For example, if a collector invests in a Unique Edition print, the availability of Limited Editions is automatically withdrawn. Similarly, if a Limited Edition print sells first, the Unique Edition is no longer available.

Lightspell photographic art is made with world class Lumachrome or Truflex Crystal Archive processes, front mounted on Truflex acrylic for spectacular depth with bright colors and deep black. These techniques elevate the artwork to the highest display quality used by museums and galleries worldwide. The acrylic lends an almost 3D sensation of depth to the print, and it guarantees longevity by protecting the artwork from ultraviolet light. Which is why it is such a popular format with collectors.

"Bejewelled Buddha, Wat Saket"

All photographic artwork in the Lightspell Fine Art Galleries are available as Lumachrome or Truflex prints mounted on TruLife acrylic and real Italian wood veneer ROMA Tobacchino frames.

"Four Buddhas Meditation"

Custom size prints are available for all print types. Please get in touch with detail of the sizes you require in Lumachrome or Fujiflex prints. Note that ChromaLuxe on aluminium is available, particularly suitable for yachts and pool houses since the print is resistant to moisture and the panels can be cut to fit a specific space.

All wood frames are Italian-made ROMA Tabacchino series. Lumachrome prints are made in the USA only. For information about shipping, delivery, and payment, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.