Samatha ~ Tranquility

"Samatha ~ Tranquility" Wat Paknam, Lightspell Unique Edition, 1 of 1.

"Samatha ~ Tranquility" depicts one of the most recent wonders of Thailand. At nearly seventy meters tall, Bangkok's tallest Buddha casts a serene presence across the skyline of west Bangkok. Wat Paknam's "Big Buddha" is the height of a twenty story building and visible for miles across the city.

The statue was complete in 2020, though Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen (วัดปากน้ำภาษีเจริญ) itself is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. Situated on an island between the klongs west of the Chao Phraya river it was founded in 1610, and revived by the charismatic abbot Luang Pu Sodh Candasaro in the first half of the twentieth century. The temple is famous for its teaching of Dhammakaya meditation, a technique which promotes samatha, "tranquility of the mind."


"Samatha ~ Tranquility" Lightspell Unique Edition 1 of 1 - ROMA Tabacchino frame.

"Samatha ~ Tranquility" is available as a Lightspell Unique Edition print. If you purchase an Unique Edition it will be the only print made of this image. You will have an exclusive artwork signed by the artist, and guaranteed authentic with a cryptographically secure digital signature. Please note that if a purchase is made of a Limited Edition version of this artwork, then the Unique Edition option is automatically withdrawn.


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Fujiflex Crystal Archive High Gloss Fine Art Paper

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Chromaluxe Fine Art Metal Prints

"Wat Wang Wiwekaram" Lightspell Limited Edition Print.
(Limited edition prints are signed & numbered. They do not feature any branding.)

For bright, highly durable prints I really like Chromaluxe prints on aluminium. Fingerprints can just be wiped off. As a material for printing on, in my opinion aluminium out-performs metallic printing papers in terms of color brilliance and toughness.

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In most cases our prints are made with a recessed float mount on the reverse which displays the print 3/4" off the wall. All Lumachrome and Truflex Crystal Archive prints with a float mount are supplied ready to hang.

For information about the range of luxurious Italian ROMA wood veneer frames available for Lumachrome and Truflex Crystal Archive prints please see Fine Art Photography - Types of Frame.

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