Frequently Asked Questions

"The Grand Post Office, Bangkok", Limited Edition 1 of 10.

Answers to the most frequent questions about Lightspell Unique Fine Art and Limited Editions are below. If they don't answer your question, don't worry. We enjoy talking with prospective collectors and art enthusiasts. Drop us a message via our Contact form and we will get back to you asap, usually within the hour.

Please note that Lumachrome prints are only available with free shipping within the 48 mainland states of the United States of America. For prints in the European Union, we offer free shipping within Germany and the United Kingdom. For prints to be delivered to an address in Thailand, shipping is free.


How do I place an order?

Purchasing a piece from one of the Lightspell collections can be completed by using the drop down menus found on every product page. Simply click on the button, select the edition and size you want, and the system will take you through the payment process. When we receive your order, we always confirm the details with you by email or phone. So please check your contact details are correct. If you need to update them, just send us a note via our Contact form.

An invoice will be issued for the full amount to the email address you provide. Payment is usually via bank transfer or PayPal. Your payment details are not held on our website server to reduce any security risk.


Do you hold sales or holiday promotions?

No. I always consider my collectors and whether what I do might add or detract from the value of my work. I do not offer annual or holiday sales. My work is priced according to the cost of printing, which is often substantial with the museum quality Lumachrome and FujiFlex prints, and to reflect the time that I have invested.


What is the best way to start collecting artwork?

The first rule has to be "buy what you like." Art is to be enjoyed and one of my Unique Fine Art prints can enhance your surroundings with the special feeling it brings you. Art is personal. Taste varies from person to person. But always ensure you love and enjoy the pieces you buy. That way, you will always be investing for a happier future.


What's the best way to buy Lightspell Unique Fine Art or Limited Edition prints?

Be the first to hear about new Lightspell prints by signing-up for our announcements list. This not only tells you when new Unique Edition Fine Art is about to drop on the website but it also gives you a heads-up on the launch of new Limited and Special Editions. I aim to produce interesting and perhaps more experimental work in black and white with tiny print runs of only five or ten prints. This is a great opportunity to get genuinely limited editions signed by myself that otherwise would cost a great deal more through a gallery or dealership.


How do the Unique Edition Fine Art and Limited Edition Prints Compare?

Both Unique Edition Fine Art and Limited Edition prints are made to the same archival, museum quality. The only difference is in the number of prints; for Unique Edition Fine Art just one Lumachrome or FujiFlex print  is created (see below for more details). For Limited Edition prints usually we make five, ten, or twenty-five units.

 Print Sizes24"x16"36"x24"45"x30"60"x40"
ChromaLuxe Fine Art on AluminiumLimited Edition:$750$900$1,300$ POA
 Unique Edition:$ n/a$ n/a$ n/a$ n/a
Lumachrome or Fujiflex with TruLife Acrylic GlassLimited Edition:$1,100$1,600$2,100$2,650
 Unique Edition:$3,100$3,600$4,100$4,650
Framed Lumachrome or Fujiflex with TruLife Acrylic GlassLimited Edition:$2,000$2,600$3,350$4,800
 Unique Edition:$4,000$4,600$5,350$6,800


Custom size prints are available for all print types. Please get in touch with detail of the sizes you require in Lumachrome or Fujiflex prints. Note that ChromaLuxe on aluminium is particularly suitable for yachts since the print is resistant to moisture and the panels can be cut to fit specific spaces.

All wood frames are Italian-made ROMA Tabacchino series. Lumachrome prints are made in the USA only. Shipping is free only within the 48 mainland US states, and for orders in Germany and the United Kingdom. For all other destinations, international deliveries are completed by DHL or FedEx Airfreight and charged at cost. POA = Price on Application.


Unique Edition Fine Art Prints, are they really unique?

Yes. The Lightspell Unique Edition Fine Art Prints are one of one, digitally signed Lumachrome or Fujiflex prints of an original photograph created by the artist, James Patrick. They will not be reprinted or reproduced in any size in the future. They are unique.

Nonetheless, we do retain the right to make one Artist's Proof for our records and for marketing purposes. This is of benefit to the collector since it helps us to keep accurate records, and through marketing make Lightspell better known worldwide. Our aim is to increase the value of Lightspell Unique Edition prints over time.


How many Lightspell Limited Edition Fine Art prints do you make?

Each Limited Edition print on sale will show the number of prints available. For example, our most common print runs are unique (1 of 1), one of five (1 of 5), and one of ten (1 of 10) prints. We retain the right to make one Artist's Proof for our records and for marketing purposes.


What are Lightspell Black & White Edition Fine Art Prints?

The purpose of our Black & White Edition Fine Art prints is to make beautiful, classic and experimental imagery available to keen collectors at a level that introduces them to the magic of Lightspell fine art photography. All are printed on archival quality museum grade paper. All Black & White Edition prints are signed by James Patrick himself on the front of the print and include the print number.


"Short-Cut," off Soi Wiang, opposite Luabua State Tower, Bangkok.
Lightspell Black & White Edition Fine Art Print, 1 of 5, signed by the artist.


Is it possible to order a print of one of the other photographs on your website? Travel or black & white, for example?

Most photographs are available for print but for reasons of copyright particularly where individuals are shown, not all of them. Furthermore, not every photograph is available to print in every size or type. The museum quality Lightspell Unique Edition Fine Art prints are usually taken using a tripod for the best possible exposure and sharpness. The travel photographs are different. Usually they are taken by hand, and often I'm not aiming for ultimate sharpness. The aperture may be too great. The shutter speed too low. Quite a few are taken from moving boats, trains, and even tuktuks. And in other cases, rather than miss a photo entirely I will take it knowing it will be a little blurred. I love photography. I would rather get the shot than miss it. The travel photographs from China in 2005 are another example. Back then digital cameras were in their infancy so the images are relatively low resolution. This limits their largest printable size, depending on viewing distance.

If you love a particular photograph, let me know and I'll see if I can get a good 10" x 8" or slightly larger print out it. And I would be happy to sign the print, too.


Can I order a color print for delivery to an address in Thailand?

Yes. The limitation is the quality of printing available in the USA and Europe is not yet available in Thailand. Hence Lumachrome and Fujiflex prints must be imported.

Until the 2020 pandemic, high quality printing was available in Singapore. If you require the finest possible print, please get in touch and we will investigate the best option. It is likely to change as the world's economies recover.

For commercial use, we can produce large pigment based color prints to a professional standard in Bangkok. Note they are not front mounted to acrylic like our Unique and Limited Edition prints. Nonetheless, every print is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity. They are available in the usual range of sizes from 24"x16" and start at $250. Please contact us for more information. 

For private use, if you would like a framed A4 or A3 size color print for delivery within Thailand please let us know what size you would like, and whether you would prefer a black or natural wood frame. If you send your phone number James Patrick would be happy to call to discuss the different choices available.


How is payment made?

All payments for Lumachrome and FujiFlex prints is made by bank transfer. For Special Edition prints payment can be made by PayPal. Once your order is received we will check the order details with you, and then issue an invoice.


How will my order be shipped?

Shipping depends on the size, weight, and destination address. Every print is packaged in highly protective, unbendable boxes or packing crates. They are always sent with insurance to cover any accidental loss or damage. Should you receive a damaged print, please send photos of the damage and the packaging so I can initiate the insurance claim and the production of a replacement print. Note that most insurance companies require notification within 48 hours of delivery so time is of the essence. All that said, so far we have not had even one damaged package.


Do you accept returns?

Buying over the internet always feels a bit risky. No matter how accurately the artwork is shown online, it will always look a little different in reality. The good news is that it usually looks much better in print than on a screen. Nonetheless, to put my collectors minds at rest I accept returns within 48 hours if you are not completely happy and satisfied with your Lightspell print. Contact me for a Return Notification Code, no questions asked. I have to say, no-one has ever requested a return since most people find the prints look even better in reality than they do on the website.


Do you offer custom sizes?

We offer custom sizes only with Chromalux prints on aluminium. These are designed for boats where a non-standard size may be required to fit. Reach out to me and I will be delighted to talk about the most appropriate dimensions for the prints that you like best.


Do you offer free shipping?

Shipping is free on Lumachrome and Fujiflex and all other print orders within the 48 mainland states of the USA. Note that Lumachrome is only available in the USA. Fujiflex with TruLife acrylic glass prints are shipped free of charge within the United Kingdom and Germany. For other countries, please contact me for an international shipping quotation.


Do you ship internationally?

Lightspell Unique Fine Art and Limited Edition prints are made in the USA, Germany, and the UK by the leading printers in each country. Lumachrome prints are ONLY available in the USA as they have been developed by one particular expert printer who has an international reputation for the high quality of his work. Lumachromes can be shipped internationally but beware the cost of shipping these days is often significant. All other prints can be delivered to most countries throughout the European Union and South-East Asia.

Please note, the recipient is responsible for payment of duty, tax, and any other Customs fee or charge imposed by their host country.


How are your prints signed?

All Lightspell Unique Fine Art prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Digital Signature. The Digital Signatures can be read digitally using the Lightspell public key and they are signed by myself, James Patrick, with the date and the name of the artwork and, if you wish, the name of the original owner. The digital signature can be verified through public keyservers long after my demise.

Lightspell Black & White Edition prints are signed and numbered by hand by James Patrick.


How do I display the prints?

All Lightspell artwork is supplied ready to hang. Usually we use a museum quality "float mount" where the Lumachrome or FujiFlex print under TruLife acrylic glass is held off the surface of the wall.


What is the best way to care for my artwork?

To avoid damage to the acrylic surface of face-mounted artwork contact should be kept to a minimum. Gentle care and cleaning is recommended, as follows:

  • Remove dust first by using a non-contact method such as an air-bulb. A clean lambswool duster is also acceptable.
  • Allocated a duster that will only be used for your face-mounted artwork. Store the duster in a zip-lock plastic bag and shake it out often during dusting (away from the front of the artwork).
  • Follow dust removal with local cleaning of accretions or fingerprints.
  • Latex or nitrile gloves provide adequate grip and reduce fingerprints on the surface of the artwork, which ultimately reduces the need for cleaning.
  • A dry microfiber cloth creates minimal disruption of the surface. Avoid the use of cleaning fluids, if possible, as they can cause the acrylic to turn yellow over time with repeated exposure to chemicals.
  • Since all cleaning fluids leave a residue and need to be followed with rinsing and drying, the most conservative approach is to clean with water only (preferably distilled).
  • Keep out of direct sunlight for maximum longevity.