Fine Art Photography - Types of Print

"Mon Bridge Summer Rain" Lightspell Limited Edition Print, 1 of 10.

LIGHTSPELL FINE ART PRINTS are gallery quality archival prints that will last more than one hundred years. They offer spectacular detail with bright colors and deep black which, with the correct lighting, elevate the artwork to a level far above standard prints. Compared side by side, the extra brightness and color gamut of acrylic mounted photography is obvious. Which is why it is such a popular format with collectors.

Our Lumachrome and Truflex Crystal Archive artwork is painstakingly printed using the latest techniques and technology. It is an exacting process which can result in wastage since several prints may be made before achieving the perfect one. Once the print is ready, it must be laminated to a solid backing, and then mounted using optically clear adhesive to anti-reflective TruLife® acrylic glass. This is an exacting process but the result is spectacular. By face mounting the print in this way, on display light is reflected within the acrylic to make the print stand out with an almost 3D quality.

In most cases our prints are made with a recessed float mount on the reverse which displays the print 3/4" off the wall. All Lumachrome and Truflex Crystal Archive prints with a float mount are supplied ready to hang.

For information about the range of luxurious Italian ROMA wood veneer frames available for Lumachrome and Truflex Crystal Archive prints please see Fine Art Photography - Types of Frame.




Ultra Lumachrome Fine Art Prints with Fuji Trulife® Acrylic

THE STATE OF THE ART, most luxurious museum quality photographic prints use a process called Ultra Lumachrome which mounts a color transparency layer behind a layer of Trulife® optically clear acrylic. The transparency layer is the magic ingredient. Infused with iridium particles and encapsulated between a highly reflective RC paper layer and the Trulife® acrylic glass, it gives a 3D quality to the print. While done in temperature and humidity controlled conditions, the lamination is notoriously difficult. The end result is the gold standard of color photographic printing. The widest possible color gamut, excellent shadow detail, and well controlled highlights are held in a deep gloss which through the perfect acrylic brings out the depth of the picture. Lumachrome fine art prints are held by museums and collectors throughout the United States of America.


Fujiflex Crystal Archive Fine Art Prints with Trulife® Acrylic

Running a close second to Lumachrome is Fujiflex Crystal Archive mounted behind Trulife® optically clear acrylic. Created with continuous tone, laser exposed LightJet printing, Fujiflex Crystal Archive uses a photo-chemical silver halide process to develop astonishingly intense bright colors and deep gloss, reminiscent of the old Cibachrome prints that dominated color slide printing in the 1970's and 1980's. I remember well my first exhibition while still a schoolboy. Those prints were all Cibachromes and they retain their color and vibrancy to this day, thirty-seven years later. Fujiflex promises to do the same, and perhaps with even greater longevity when sealed behind Trulife® optically perfect, anti-reflective acrylic glass. Fuji estimate that prints should last over one hundred years. Fujiflex Crystal Archive laminated with Trulife acrylic glass is used for gallery installations and professional displays all over the world.

Océ LightJet 430 printers use red, green and blue lasers and a 36-bit color space, capable of producing 68 billion colors, to render continuous tone color fidelity.


Tru View TruLife Acrylic Technical Testing & Certifications

  • Passes Photographic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916
  • Meets ISO 18902 section 3.9
  • <1.0E+12 Surface Resistivity (Ohms/square)
  • Passes Outgassing Oddy Test
  • Passes Humidity Resistance MIL-C-48497A para
  • Passes RoHS Compliance ASTM B117-03
  • Passes Corrosion Resistance (Salt Fog) ASTM B117-03 & B368-03 & B368-97
  • Passes Coating Adhesion (Snap Tape) MIL-C-48497A para
  • Passes Solubility MIL-C-48497A
  • Accelerated Aging 2000 hours (~100 years) of Q-sun Xenon Arc Testing at exposure intensity of 100,000 lux properties remain unchanged


Chromaluxe Fine Art Metal Prints

As an ocean sailor I understand the importance of durability when it comes to marine environments. In the same way I prefer an aluminium hull in sailboats, I appreciate the advantages of Chromaluxe Metal prints. They are the ideal solution for use on boats and in pool houses where high humidity and some rough and tumble is all part of a day's play. Offering intense colors with excellent contrast, the Chromaluxe process creates an image bonded to a specially coated aluminium panel. The result is beautiful color on a waterproof, abrasion resistant surfice which is uniquely stable. Ideal for spectacular display near water.

A further advantage of printing on metal is that it can be precision cut to fit a precise space. This makes Chromaluxe a uniquely flexible solution for beautiful artwork onboard. Contact me for more information.

"Wat Wang Wiwekaram" Lightspell Limited Edition Print.
Please note that our limited edition prints do not have the branding featured in the print above.


Black and White Archival Quality Prints

I love black and white prints. For collectors who wish to build a portfolio of artwork at a modest outlay, Lightspell Black & White prints are offered in limited editions usually numbering not more than twenty-five prints. Depending on the paper, prints are usually printed in full frame without cropping on A4, A3, or A3+ size, signed and numbered by James Patrick.

All black and white archival prints are made on the paper I select for the particular style of photograph. Full details are provided with each print.  I often use Ilford Gallerie Mono Silk which has a traditional barium sulphate (baryta) base. This gives the smooth whites and velvety blacks of a traditional fibre photographic B&W print.


"Ilford Galerie Gold Mono Silk is an inkjet paper specifically optimised for black & white printing. The surface has been designed to be reminiscent of traditional ‘F-type’ darkroom prints, and has a long tonal range that ensures crisp whites and inky deep blacks. Ilford Galerie Gold Mono Silk is an acid free fibre based paper, 270gsm, with a semi gloss finish that is very close to full gloss."

LIGHTSPELL FINE ART PRINTS are supplied ready to hang in extremely tough packing boxes to withstand the rigors of delivery. Our Ultra Lumachrome process prints are available with free delivery throughout the 48 states of the USA. For outlying states and international delivery we will provide a shipping quotation. For more information about delivery, please see our FAQ.