Black & White Fine Art

"Empire Tower" Lightspell Black & White Edition, 2 of 3, signed by James Patrick

We have created the Lightspell Black & White Fine Art prints for people who love beautifully made black and white images. The prints are available to new collectors at a level that introduces them to the magic of fine art photography. All Lightspell Black & White Editions are printed on archival quality museum grade paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

Where these prints are marked, "2 of 3" we have retained one print to enter into international photograph competitions in 2022. This leaves just two prints available to buy.

Each print is assessed to choose the best available archival quality paper for the subject. In the case of "Empire Tower" above, that's an iridium coated fibre based paper which gives a metallic sheen to the print that suits the character of the largest office complex in Thailand.


"Straight Up" Mahanakhon Tower, Bangkok
2 of 3 Lightspell Special Edition Prints

At over 1,000 feet (314m.) the King Power Mahanakhon Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok. Designed by Ole Scheeren, the designer of the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, the mixed-use skyscraper features a pixelated ribbon that curls around the outside of the building to create an interesting arrangement of balconies. Printed on A3 GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Silk paper to enhance the deep black of the sky and to capture the sheen from the Mahanakhon's glass. Signed and numbered by James Patrick.


"One Vase" Special Edition Fine Art, 1 of 3, printed on archival 10" x 8" fibre paper with pigment ink. Signed by the artist, James Patrick.