2005, photographing north China with a 1957 Rolleiflex 2.8E.

I am a writer and portrait photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. I have travelled and lived in Asia since 2003, first in China, then Indonesia, before settling in Thailand. It is where I feel at home. As of August 2021, I have just arrived back in Bangkok after eighteen months away.

If you have looked at the Lightspell website before you might be thinking, what happened? The old website is stuck on a server in Java. Since I can't get back there, and since I will do more interviews and reportage this year, it's time for something new. Hence the Lightspell website is changing rapidly, updated almost every day. 

One lesson I have learned in the past year is the impermanence of digital photographs. It is very hard to keep digital files safe for decades. Which makes physical prints on archival paper - the type of paper that doesn't yellow with age - a priority. It also casts new light on the old processes of film and wet plate photography.

If you would like a portrait or you have an interesting idea for an interview, please get in touch. What better time to make a record of our ourselves as life appears so transitory? Of course life was always like that but, like evening light after a storm, it is more obvious now.

James Patrick
July, 2021